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The Book
Your subscription will always include a beautiful, lesser known nature board book. I carefully select the books and test them out on my own kids!

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Songs, Signs and Sensory Booklet
Activity Booklet: Our activity booklet is packed with fun and educational content to enhance your child's learning experience. Engage in delightful sing-alongs with nature-inspired songs, learn basic British Sign Language signs together, and enjoy sensory play activities that will stimulate your child's senses and creativity. 

Quality Time Together: The Under 3 Book Club isn't just about the books; it's about creating precious moments with your child. As you read, sing, and play together, you'll be fostering their love for reading and nurturing a lifelong curiosity for the world around them.

All for just £14.50 every other month! Postage is included. Your first book will be shipped immediately, and then you'll join the regular payment schedule detailed below. This may mean your first two books aren't two months apart!

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Discover beautiful and lesser known nature books

Explore books in a deeper way with your child to build their language skills

Encourage a life-long love of books, learning and nature


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£14.50 every other month
Subscribe before the 18th April to receive this Bird themed box! You will be billed immediately and sent this month's book, then join the regular payment schedule as detailed below. 
 18th August 
 18th October 
 12th December (a few days earlier in time for Christmas)
 18th February 
 18th April 
 18th June

Note that this may mean your first two books are less than two months apart, but after that it'll sort itself out!

If you'd like to gift a box, simply select "Gift" at the checkout and you can choose how many months you'd like to gift for.

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Subscribe for £14.50 every other month


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asked questions

  1. What do I get for £14.50 every other month?
    You get a beautiful board book, carefully selected by scientists and teacher Dr Jenny Evans. You also get an activity booklet with songs, sign language and sensory play ideas. Postage is also included!
  2. When will I get the box?
    Your first box ships immediately, and then you'll join the regular box schedule which is billed on the following dates
    18th of February, April, June, August, October and December. This might mean your first two books aren't two months apart, but do email if you have any questions about this!
  3. Can I gift a box or subscription?
    Yes! Just select the Gift toggle when you check out and you can choose how many boxes your recipient will receive
  4. What if I already have the book?
    If you already have the book just drop an email to and we can send you a box without the book and refund the difference.

Happy customers

We love the Under 3 Book Club. Lovely books we wouldn't normally come across and great ideas for themed play!

Lucy James

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