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Have a go at Hapa Zome this Easter!

Hapa Zome - A Fun Way to Create Nature Art

Looking for an activity to do with your children this Easter holiday? Hapa Zome is a Japanese art form that involves pounding leaves, flowers, and other natural materials onto fabric to create colorful patterns. It's a fun and easy way to create beautiful nature art, and it's a great way to connect with the outdoors.


  • Fresh leaves, flowers, and other natural materials
  • Fabric (white or light-coloured cotton works best)
  • Hammer or mallet
  • Cutting board or other hard surface
  • Protective gloves (optional)
  • Paper towels or newspaper to protect work surface


  1. Find a variety of fresh leaves, flowers, and other natural materials. Make sure they're not too dry or brittle, or they won't create a good impression. You can use anything from ferns and ivy to dandelions and petals.

  2. Lay your fabric on a cutting board or other hard surface. You can use a plain white or light-colored cotton fabric

  3. Choose a leaf or flower and place it face down on the fabric. You can place multiple leaves and flowers together to create a pattern

  4. Cover the leaf or flower with a piece of paper towel or newspaper to protect it

  5. Using a hammer or mallet, gently pound the leaf or flower onto the fabric. Be careful not to hit your fingers!

  6. After you've pounded the leaf or flower a few times, carefully remove the paper towel or newspaper to reveal the pattern

  7. Continue pounding different leaves and flowers onto the fabric, creating your own unique design

  8. If you want to create a more abstract pattern, try using different colours and shapes of leaves and flowers

  9. Once you're happy with your design, let it dry completely before using or displaying it. You can use your hapa zome fabric to create anything from wall hangings to scarves or bags

Hapa Zome is a fun and easy way to create beautiful nature art. It's a great way to connect with the outdoors and experiment with different textures and colours. Give it a try and see what kind of unique designs you can create!


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Thanks to Dawn @threlky_and_the_sproglets for the photos!