A bundle of 2 packs of each of the following six core flashcard packs, which form the basis of the year long Science and Nature Curriculum (12 packs of cards in total).

  • Leaves x 2
  • British Wildlife x 2
  • Garden Birds x 2
  • Spring Flowers x 2
  • Minibeasts x 2
  • Wildflowers x 2


The flashcards come with cards showing the name and photograph of nine different species and two of the same card in each pack. As teachers we know that learning through play is the most effective method of learning. Having two cards in each pack enables children to play games such as snap, memory, matching and much more.


The cards are made using Earth-friendly materials; recycled 350gsm cardstock and each pack comes in an organic cotton bag. The cards are not laminated, but you could do this yourself if you wish.

School Flashcard Bundle A