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Overcoming the fear of winter outdoor play

I have to admit, we do tend to hunker down in our house over winter. I’m quite a big fan of all things cosy, so love getting my hats, scarves, jumpers, boots, gloves out, lighting the log burner, baking cakes and making hot cups of tea and hot chocolate (whether I actually get to drink them is another matter!).

I realised that we haven’t been getting out very much so I’m going to try and change that. Here’s my plan, and maybe some of you might find it useful too!

I’m going to get decent all in one waterproofs for both boys. Rupert HATES wearing coats. He’s three, do I need to explain further? So I’m hoping if I can throw him in an all in one he’ll be able to move more freely and won’t have to wear the dreaded coat...?! Robin is ten months and loves crawling around in the dirt, eating sticks and leaves, but the snow suit we have for him is really bulky and he finds it hard to crawl in.

I’m going to set up some activities in the garden. Den building, fire lighting and marshmallows, assault course, mud pie making. We haven’t been using the garden very much since it got colder and I really want to change that!

We’ve been walking the dog without the children, and I want to get back into the habit of all going together. I think chocolate bribes may need to be employed here. Rupert often throws a tantrum about being picked up and carried on dog walks and that’s not possible when I have Robin in the sling too.

I should also focus on what we have done well, so we’ve been to BWild outdoor toddler group, we’ve played outside at our favourite kid cafe every Tuesday, we’ve been on trips to the zoo and the farm. It’s really not that dire yet! But I have a little plan. I hope that means we can get back out and enjoy nature this winter, even if it’s for shorter periods of time than we do in the summer. Let me know if you have any good ways to entice three year olds out in the cold!