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May Spotter’s Guide

May is such a lovely time of year, the birds are nesting, the bees and butterflies are out in force collecting nectar and starting the busy business of pollination, the tree leaves are unfurling. This year May seems even more exciting with the easing of UK lockdown on the 17th too! Here’s what you can look forward to spotting...

Hawthorne leaves

Hawthorne hedges are now looking lush and green - there’s a reason that they’re also known as May bushes! Their leaves will now be unfurled for you to identify with your Leaf Flashcards and see if you can spot the big thorns on them too!

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Early bumblebees

These social bumblebees are one of the first you’ll spot in the spring. They live in underground nests of up to 100 bees and can be identified by their orange bottoms!

Orange tip butterflies

Orange tip butterflies are one of the first you’ll see this spring. Interestingly it’s only the males that have the orange tips, the females have white wings and both of them have green dappled under-wings