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Make Fire

Yesterday I went to my second “Back to Basics” course run by @bwildadventures and had just as much fun as last week! This week we learnt to make fire without matches and fire lighters! I’d done a bushcraft course before so sort of knew the drill, but I learnt some new things and refreshed my knowledge.

Tip number one is to save some fluff from your tumble dryer to use as tinder and put a bit of Vaseline on it all on a bed of kindling. Then use your Swedish Firesteel to make sparks to set it alight. Then use feathersticks you’ve made with your knife and kindling to get the flames going, then start adding larger bits of kindling, then toast your marshmallows!

I’m definitely putting a Firesteel on my wishlist

! Have you done this before? I’d love to know whether you enjoyed it!