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Duck Day

My one year old’s first word (other than mama and dada!) is duck, and so we decided to have a duck day!

First we looked at the different types of duck in our bird book, then we put our duck food together in a box, my three year old helped me pour in oats, rice and peas.

Then we loaded up the buggy and popped the baby in my @sleepynico sling (best baby purchase, I swear!), and off we went in search of ducks.

It was raining, so we also discussed the old adage “good weather for ducks!”, which was quite fun with a three year old. We found some mallards and a kittiwake down on the river and had a great time feeding them.

Then off we went back home and painted ducks that I cut out of an old cereal box. Then it was time for dinner and bed! What a lovely, ducky afternoon 🦆

You could do this with anything your little ones are interested in. Why not have a truck day, a sheep day or even a chocolate day! I know which I'd enjoy...