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April Spotter’s Guide

Updated: Apr 13

April has burst forth bringing all kinds of crazy weather - we’ve had twenty degree heat, snow and everything in between here in Suffolk!

Here are some things to spot with your Little Robin Flashcards this month...


Tulips are starting to flower this month - if you planted any bulbs in autumn you’ll be rewarded with a bright display of colour this month! Did you know that tulips in the 1600s cost more than some people’s homes, they were so prized?

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Photo credit:Jen @manunian_mum


The first bluebells will start to flower too this month. English Bluebells are a stunning sight, make sure you head to a bluebell wood near you, or you can still just about buy Bluebell bulbs in the green to plant in your garden!

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Photo credit: Sarah @puttputt82


You might be seeing some very large, slow and dozy looking bumblebees around now. They’re so big because they’re the queen bees that hibernated over winter, and they’ll be out visiting spring flowers to start building their nest again and laying eggs.

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What else have you seen this month? Follow along on social media and tag me in your photos!

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