• littlerobineducation

30 Days Wild

This June the Wildlife Trusts are setting a 30 Days Wild challenge - get out in the wild every day for a month. We spend quite a lot of time outdoors anyway, but documenting what we get up to sounded like a fun challenge. So far we've had nine days of the challenge and are thoroughly enjoying it. Through posting on social media I've had so many conversations with other mums, ones I know well and some I've never met. Having these conversations about nature and our kids has been wonderful, and even though my aim with Little Robin Education is to educate kids about the outdoors, it seems that actually the people who need educating about nature is ourselves, so we can pass the knowledge on to our children. So I'm about to order some non-fiction about nature and I'll share which books I recommend when I've read them! Hope you're enjoying your own 30 days wild :) Jenny